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Image Gallery

Guests jumping in the air for the photo
interior view of a guest room looking out to the canyon
A camel posing for the camera
A guest enjoying a refreshing drink of water on a hike
A guest perched atop the canyon absorbing the vista
 a beautiful vista showcasing flora
A staircase built on the side of the canyon that allows hikers to decend to the canyon floor
Tents setup in the camp grounds
Couples caravanning and enjoying a glass of wine and the vista
Interior view of the dining area
View of the canyon at dusk from the whirlpool tub through a picture window
Waterfall known as the garden of eden
Kings Canyon entertainment Rod Dowsett
Exploring Kings Canyon at the Rim Walk
The massive walls of Kings Canyon
A green scenery at Kings Canyon
A friendly lizard at Kings Canyon
One of the many trees at Kings Canyon
The view from the top of Kings Canyon
A Kings Canyon tree
Kings Canyon
The sun warming the canyon
Kings Canyon covered with lush green flora
View of the canyon from the valley floor
Kings Canyon accommodation from above
The swimming pool at Kings Canyon
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